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Corporate Overview

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OE Nano Inc. specializes in nanotechnology based products primarily for the commercial/industrial market. Products are sourced through MFS Technologies, the industrial/nanotechnology business unit of Avmor. Avmor is a world class chemical plant in Laval, Quebec who manufactures under license and has created a number of their own ground breaking products that OE Nano has been authorized to market and distribute throughout North America and other parts of the world.

We distribute a wide variety of product coatings and  cleaning materials including:
SIGMAtek Non-Absorbent- Protective coating offering easy-to-clean solutions to non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, etc. By reducing surface energy, soiling and other surface contaminants loosely adhere to the surface allowing them to be easily removed. Dust and other particles will often not adhere to treated substrates.
SIGMAtek Absorbent product – Protective coating offering easy-to-clean and anti-graffiti solutions to porous surfaces such as stone, wood, textile, etc. By reducing surface energy, soiling and other surface contaminants loosely adhere to the surface allowing them to be easily removed.

Clear Metal Jacket – Environmentally safe, water based, non toxic, short-to-medium term anti-corrosion coating. (not a permanent  coating). Intended to protect corrosion during transport and storage periods.
KARBONtek line of Industrial Degreasers – Water based products attack oil, grease and even heavy bitumen – 3 versions available depending on the soiling situation.

OE Nano also distributes a “heavy duty” line of nano-tech coatings designed to withstand corrosion, abrasion and create easy to clean properties. These coatings are targeted towards industrial, oilfield, and manufacturing clients.

We have also added a Water Remediation Additive called PUREtek which removes organic compounds from water quickly and effectively. There are many applications for this product in the oil and gas industries as well as other industries like agriculture that deal with contaminated water. PUREtek has proven effective to remove H2S from processed water with exciting results.

New technologies are being constantly introduced such as innovative insulation coatings, high heat coatings, flame-resistance, and corrosion protection to name a few.

Check out our new line of agriculture products under our ‘Product’ section to see how we can take Biosecurity to new levels with much safer products for the animals and the humans who interact daily with cleaning products.

OE Nano oversees a portfolio of marketing initiatives and strategic alliances to solve a diverse array of customer needs. The Company has ongoing activities in North America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. In Canada we have offices in Edmonton Alberta, Ottawa Ontario and Saint John New Brunswick.


Health and Safety Manual:

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