NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are biggest problems with sanitizers on the market?

a. Most sanitizers on the market do clean and kill germs when applied as directed on the label. But… they only remain active when wet. As soon as they dry, they no longer eliminate new germs getting on the surface. So, they virtually have no residual effect! You might think you’re protected after application for at least some time, but your surface can be re-loaded with germs as soon as these products dry or evaporate!

b. They often have awful or unpleasant fumes and odors. Many people find the smells of sanitizers offensive and strong.

c. They can contain corrosive chemicals.

d. NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer, by contrast leaves behind a sub-microscopic nano layer that adheres to surfaces and sits in waiting, holding the sanitizer ingredient ready to eliminate germs for FIVE DAYS…without any harsh chemical smell! (Actually, customers tell us the smell is pleasant, hardly noticeable…and dissipates very quickly!)

2. There are thousands of sanitizers and cleaners out there. Why is NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer any different?

a. NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer is on the cutting edge of sanitization technology, is a state-of-the-art cleaner/sanitizer without harsh chemicals or repulsive odors/ fragrances…yet cleans and sanitizes, protecting your surfaces for FIVE DAYS!

b. NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer creates a nanoscale layer which is about 1/500th the width of a human hair, or 50-80 billionths of a meter…that adheres to surfaces, penetrating at a sub-microscopic level, holding the sanitizing ingredients on the surface which helps prevent the growth of germs, mold and mildew for FIVE DAYS!

3. Is NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer used by any commercial or industrial customers?

a. Yes. The commercial/industrial version of NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer called Bacoban is being used in hospitals, offices, airplanes and many other locations instead of the old fashioned, little to no residual effect sanitizers that smell so foul. They have switched because of the residual protection effect, easy-to-clean surface and the light fragrance that quickly goes away.

4. Does NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer have any other benefits besides the immediate sanitization and longer term efficacy?

a. Yes! The more often you apply NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer to a surface, the nano layer builds up as it penetrates the microscopic nooks and crannies, making it easier and easier to clean and sanitize as time goes by! Touch up cleaning can be then done with just a damp cloth.

b. The more you use NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer the more effective it becomes at resisting stains and soils from holding onto a surface and preventing the growth of germs, mold and mildew.
c. NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer also helps prevent fingerprints, grease and grime from marring your stainless steel and other hard surface appliances! It repels stains and smudges making clean up even easier!

5. Where can I use NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer?

a)  Kitchen
b)  Bathroom
c)  Counters
d)  Sinks
e)  Toilets
f)   Computers/keyboards
g)  Mobile phones
h)  Dish towels
i)   Rugs
j)   Sponges
k)  Car
l)   Airplane seat area
m) Rental car
n)  Hotel rooms/cruise cabins
o)  Remotes, game controllers
p)  Stoves
q)  Refrigerators
r)  Ovens
s) Any hard or soft surface

6. Will NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer help me save me money?

a. Yes! You can stop buying traditional sanitizers and cleaners, needing only NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer to clean and protect your surfaces, so you can save money by buying fewer products! Plus, since the protection lasts for FIVE DAYS, you can use less to attain the protection for your family…also saving you money!

7. Does NanoBlast give me any guarantee?

a. Nano Blast Cleaner & Sanitizer is covered by our 60-Day empty bottle, Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason in the first 60 days, please send back the bottle, even if empty, and get a refund of your purchase price less S&H! That’s how confident we are that you will LOVE NanoBlast and make it your regular cleaner/sanitizer.

8. How do you apply NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer?

a. NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer is a non-aerosol spray, that is best applied with a microfiber cloth for maximum penetration, cleaning power and coverage with the surface, or it can be sprayed directly on the dirty area and wiped in with a cloth.

9. Why does it say on the label to apply and leave wet for 10 minutes?

a. The best way for most sanitizers to maximize the killing of germs is to leave the product wet on the surface for up to 10 minutes to allow the ingredients to do their job. NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer is no different in this regard, as far as immediate cleaning, but then goes on to protect the surface for 5 days.

10. Where can I buy Nano Blast? Is it available in stores?

a. NanoBlast is not available in stores. If you go to you will be directed to an online ordering location

11. Can NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer be used for travel or outside the home?

a. Yes! You can place our convenient spray bottle and microfiber cloth in your purse, backpack, briefcase or suitcase! Or, for even more convenience, you can take advantage of our handy TSA acceptable sized NanoBlast Travel Kit, which comes with a travel-sized NanoBlast spray bottle, a special microfiber cloth and hand sanitizer all in a clear zippered travel pouch! You can check out the short and informative video about the travel kit at:

b. You can quickly clean your airplane seat area, including the seat, seat belt, tray table, arm rests, head rest with very little attention because it can be done so fast, and the almost imperceptible smell is pleasant and goes away very quickly!

12. What sizes does NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer come in?

a) Large bottle – 946ml spray bottle (32 US fluid ounces)
b) Travel size – 90ml spray bottle (3 US fluid ounces)

13. Do you have any instructions I can watch or read to make sure I am using NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer correctly?

a. Yes! You can see a short, but very clear instruction video at: or

14. Is NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer Health Canada approved?

a. The commercial version of this product, Bacoban, which NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer is powered with, has Health Canada approval which is a Drug Identification Number or DIN 02432781.
15. Is NanoBlast Cleaner & Sanitizer Health considered green or environmentally friendly?

a. This product has not been
submitted for any special environmental designations since the formula is mild to use and water based. This product is not considered a controlled product for WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) since it has a very low degree of hazard.