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Nano Scale Coating Materials


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SIGMAtek Absorbent Surface Treatment:

SIGMAtek Non-Absorbent Surface Treatment:

Anti Corrosion Treatment:

  •  Is a one component transparent sealer.  The Absorbent Surface Treatment, Non Absorbent Surface Treatment & the Nano Coat products offer certain Anti Corrosion benefits through the Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Lipophobic properties; however the ‘Anti Corrosion Treatment’ is the strongest & most durable corrosion solution within our product line. Transparent, residue-free, non-greasy coating with long-term effect. Heat-resistant from -40 °C to +750 °C.











Industrial Scale NanoCoat

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NanoCoat Clear:

  • Is a two component transparent sealer [applied as a single coat once components are mixed] that provides long lasting protection against damage from water, oil, grease, UV light, etc.
  • Available in: Gloss & Matte
    • NOTE: Primer may be required when treating absorbent surfaces.
  • Applicable to both absorbent (stone, wood) and non-absorbent (metal, plastic, painted surfaces) substrates, the technology offers substantial easy-to-clean properties due to infused nanotechnology additives and innovative nano-manufacturing processes. With both matte and glossy finishes, the NanoCoat treatments are specifically designed for heavy-duty industrial environments.

NanoCoat Colour:

  • Available in: 26 Pantone Colors      NOTE: No primer required Is a two component colour infused and breathable sealer [applied as a single coat once components are mixed] that provides long lasting protection against damage from water, oil, grease, UV light, etc. Applicable to both absorbent (stone, wood) and non-absorbent (metal,  painted surfaces) substrates, the technology offers substantial easy-to-clean properties due to infused nanotechnology additives and innovative nano-manufacturing processes.

OENano – Sell Sheet NanoCoat Clear

OENano – Sell Sheet NanoCoat Grey (Colored)





PUREtek - Water Remediation Additive

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PUREtek is an environmentally responsible water cleanup additive. The product category is composed of 3 core formulations, one of which is selected based on the end use of the treated and repurposed water.

Phase I: Waste water to be redirected into streams, rivers and waterways.

Phase II: Oil Spill remediation of large volume bodies of water.


  • Phase I is engineered to be self-cancelling and dosed at a rate which there will be no hazardous chemicals or residues remaining from the treatment. 
  • Phase II Oil Spill Remediation of large volumes of water. Includes and enhanced dosage of Phase Splitting Additives (PSAs) to act as a separating agent for the oil and water.

Industry Examples:

  • A major Canadian resource company implemented an automated flow system using PUREtek to clean out organic compounds and settle out materials in waste water which allows it to be reused to clean equipment. Results for this company included substantial cost savings and improved health and safety condition for their workers.
  • OE Nano Inc. is currently testing using PUREtek in the elimination of dangerous H2S in produced water. Early results show very fast and safe removal of this deadly and odorous hazard.

OENano Sell Sheet – Puretek


KARBONtek Degreaser

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Is an environmentally friendly and newly developed technology in the field of degreasing. It replaces dangerous solvents, harsh abrasives and caustic chemicals. Custom made variations are available to address your challenging cleaning needs or use the standard formulation for use with a wide variety of applications. Degreaser can be economically diluted with water to suit the situation or used full strength on the toughest cleaning jobs. This product can be used in a wipe-down form, high pressure wash or for immersion cleaning. KARBONtek Degreaser has been tested in some harsh commercial and industrial situations and outperformed competitive degreaser products. Try some today to see if you will also save time, money and or labor to clean up your oily, greasy areas. 

Version 1 – KARBONtek Industrial Degreaser (multi-use degreaser)

Version 2 – KARBONtek Phase Splitting Degreaser (PSD separates oil from water for potential recovery)

Version 3 – KARBONtek Petroleum Dissolving Degreaser (PDD dissolves petroleum products into an aqueous solution)

PDD effectively removes grease, oil, ink, petroleum and soot from industrial surfaces while dissolving petroleum/paraffin into aqueous solution. This product may be used as packaged or diluted with water according to the project specifications for the cleaning of industrial vehicles, surfaces and infrastructure. This product is particularly efficient on dilution and dispersion of oil extraction products. Save hours of labor degreasing vehicles, machine parts, concrete pads, railcars, transit vehicles, industrial equipment and so much more. PDD is user friendly, has no toxic fumes and is easy to dispose of once diluted.

MFStek recommends that this product be evaluated undiluted and then use 1:10, 1:20, 1:40 and 1:100 dilutions to access product performance and cost optimization.

Areas of Application:

  • Engines
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Tools
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Unfinished Concrete
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Kitchens as field tested by OE Nano Inc.
  • Garage
  • Oil Rigs
  • Storage Reservoirs
  • Transit Vehicles
  • Gas Station Aprons
  • Bitumen Coated Surfaces
  • Aqueous Parts Washers

OENano – Sell Sheet KARBONtek PDD

OE Nano Sell Sheet for Industrial Degreaser


Oil Eliminator

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Is a bioactive, water-soluble Cleaning Agent that solubilizes staining generated by fats and oils and thus ensures the complete bio-degradation.

Oil Eliminator includes innovative surfactants which possess enormous cleaning power as well as the following features:

  • is neither water-polluting nor harmful to animals and plants
  • does not harm any organisms
  • non-corrosive to paints, plastics or other materials
  • skin friendly totally bio-degrades within a few days and is non-toxic for the environment, humans and animals
  • contains ingredients from controlled ecological farming

Areas of Application:

  • large scale kitchens, takeaways, bakeries, catering, hotels, washrooms and similar environments
  • for industrial use, garages, machinery, repair shops, production lines and workshops, petrol stations, tank cleaning, etc.
  • for environmental use, cleaning of building yards, rail stations, airports and roads, farm yards, etc.
  • for odour control, especially neutralizing oil taint
  • for water management and waste water treatment plants
  • for soil remediation, agricultural soils

OENano Sell Sheet for Oil Eliminator


Flame Suppressant Coating

Flame Suppressant Coating is a water based flame-resistant treatment for materials such as wood, paper, and natural/synthetic materials. Product may be used as pre-treatment for future flame protections or as an extinguisher with residual effects. May also be used as a sub-layer in conjunction with other MFStek ultra-thin coatings. Product yield is dependent on the extinguishing/application process and the absorbency of the substrate. The technology is designed to be a flame suppressor and inhibitor.



Clear Metal Jacket - Anti-Corrosion Coating

Clear Metal Jacket

AT LEFT: Carbon Steel sample with no protection was submerged in a salt water solution for 1 hour. AT RIGHT: 3 samples of Carbon Steel which were immersed in the same salt water solution for 1 hour. Note the visible horizontal line on these 3 pieces – this depicts point to which Clear Metal Jacket was dipped (top half) .

Clear Metal Jacket is a removable temporary corrosion protection coating system, designed to be used as a dip or spray application material for the anti-corrosion protection of carbon (mild) steel and other metallic substrates. The environmentally responsible, user safe (OH&S) and proprietary blend of film forming corrosion inhibitors leaves a microscopic homogeneous film.

The water based coating material may be used as is (without dilution) and does not need to be chemically or mechanically removed prior to machining, nor does it impede on the adhesion of standard industrial paints. By altering the surface properties via an ultra-thin functional layering system, Clear Metal Jacket eliminates the need for traditional oil dip processes, which due to flammability risks, require pre-machining/welding removal. Use Clear Metal Jacket for superior performance, return on investment and safety.

  • Ideal for shipping, storage, final stage of phosphating and many other areas where corrosion causing conditions threaten your metal assets
  • Cleaner than oil  – cleaner facilities, more environmentally friendly
  • No need to remove – clear, thin coating
  • Does not hinder CNC or Welding operations – non flammable, non toxic
  • HSE friendly – safe for workers and the environment
  • Cost effective – affordable solution and saves on labour, clean up and prep times

Recommended Use Instructions

  • Immerse steel surface completely into Clear Metal Jacket solution for 30 seconds (spray or wipe on applications work as well).
  • Remove steel surface from Clear Metal Jacket solution and let drip dry for 10 minutes at 10°C to 30°C.


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In addition to Clear Metal Jacket, we offer two complimentary technologies, satisfying the requirements of the complete steel manufacturing, transportation, storage and machining supply chain:

  • Proprietary coolant formulation which provides industry leading active anti-corrosion protection while leaving behind a short-term residual nano-scale Layer Forming Surface Modifier (nLFSM) which establishes a custom anchoring system to enhance the adhesion of Clear Metal Jacket.
    • Note: Cool Metal Jacket is not a mandatory Clear Metal Jacket primer or pretreatment.
  • Clear Metal Stripper: Customized formulation to easily remove Clear Metal Jacket from surfaces using chemistry that is safe for end users and the environment.
    • Note: Your operations may not necessarily require that Clear Metal Jacket be removed. In most cases, the only reason you would need to remove Clear Metal Jacket is to prep the surface for a final coating (powder coat, etc).

Clear Metal Jacket is available in 1,000L totes or 20,000L tankers and made in Canada.

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