Meet the Team

OENano Inc. has put together a solid team of talented individuals for our customers.

Gregg Weir


1 780 220 8726

Gregg Weir is an experienced CEO whose career has included the creation and development of several local, national, and international businesses. He has founded and directed a successful trade based multi-city service company, co-founded a renewable energy company, partnered in a product development and manufacturing company, and partnered in commercial real estate ventures. These have provided the framework for Gregg’s leadership development, his understanding of business practices, and his focus on the importance of solving client’s needs. Gregg participated in co-founding OENano and serves as the company’s CEO and President.

John Mejias

Chief Development Officer / CCO

1 780 907 4111

John Mejias is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada (Geography/Cartography) whose business experience includes owning, managing and operating local and international businesses. As a private service consultant he has directed business development for small to medium sized enterprises and consulted for start-ups and existing businesses for over 20 years.He is a construction trade safety advocate and developed the ‘Canadian Construction Safety Fundamentals’ for foreign workers in Alberta.

Currently partnered with long established plumbing and electrical companies, he co-founded Own Energy Corporation in Edmonton to provide renewable energies supply, integration and installation service for residential, commercial and industrial applications. John is highly committed to foster public and local government awareness as to the vast planetary and economic advantages of this growing market. John has now added on business development for OENano as part of his responsibilities.

Noreen Mejias - Bennett

International Trade Director

1 613 859 3852

Noreen Mejias-Bennett, BA, MBA, CFP, CIM, FCSI, EPC, CIWM

Noreen is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Canada (Bachelor of Arts – Four Years with a Major in Economics and a Major in Political Science). She is also a graduate of the University of Stirling, Scotland, U.K. (Master of Business Administration – Major in Banking).

Noreen’s career in the financial services industry began in 1982 and spanned a period of nearly 30 years. She was a member of the Institute of Bankers, London, England and has held such positions as Senior Credit Analyst, Personal Investment Manager, Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Investment Executive and Wealth Advisor.

Angel Carritt

Middle East Distributor

+973 38809646

Angel Carritt is based in Bahrain and operates OENano Middle East LLC. Angel represents the entire OENano line of products throughout the Middle East.


Darryl King

Caribbean Region Distributor

1 868 737 6336

Based in Trinidad/Tobago Darryl supports a full assortment of products supplied by OENano. He has done work with oil spill clean up, hospital disinfection, mold remediation and protective coatings for concrete. Darryl has an extensive background in marketing, business development, and the construction industry.

Toni Stewart

National Construction Safety Officer


Toni Stewart is the founder of a fast-growing first aid and safety training business in Alberta. She has worked in numerous areas as a National Construction Safety Officer (N.C.S.O). Toni has experience with diverse worksites, including urban and remote sites, and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the specialized safety requirements for different industries. She is a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner, as well as a Certified First Aid Instructor. Toni is also certified by TrainCan to instruct Basic and Advanced Food Safe courses. She has a strong passion for safety and for teaching; Toni uses her experiences as motivation to ensure that safety not only meets expectations, but exceeds them.

Richard Spilsted

NanoBoss Gun Coating Subject Expert


  • Served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a pilot.
  • Studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta.
  • Joined the Laser Research Group at the University of Alberta.
    • Worked on a special laser project for the United States Department of Energy at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.
    • Helped build the first Surgical Laser System for use in Otolaryngology for the University Hospital.
    • Conducted trials and built the first laser equipped Cystourethroscope for Dr. M. McPhee.
    • Setup and operated an Argon Ion/Dye Laser system used for investigating the laser treatment of deep brain tumours.
    • Worked on the High Power CO2 Laser system for Dr H. Seguin. Developed the internal thermal heat shielding system for the laser.
  • Moved to Majestic Laser Systems as Parts and Materials Manager with a project to commercialise the use of High Power CO2 Lasers for welding high strength steel alloys, used in building pipelines. This project built the second most powerful CO2 Laser in existence at that time, 35Kw continuous output.
  • Did consulting work for various companies, including Boeing Aircraft, in the development of pilotless aircraft. This work involved primarily airframe construction using composite materials.
  • Joined the Product Development Group at Scaffold Connection and helped develop the worlds first totally non-metallic system scaffold. Designing the adhesive joints used to attach the connection elements to the structural tubing. Eventually became leader of the Product Development Team and later the Head of Corporate Safety.
  • Has been involved in the shooting sports from a very early age. Currently enjoys Cowboy Action Shooting and long-range Black Powder Rifle Shooting.
  • Most recently he has been working with the NanoBoss Coating system in applications involving firearms and other systems involving precision moving parts; as a replacement for conventional lubricants and as a superior corrosion inhibitor.