OE Nano Corporate Update – Practical Application Program for Improved Biosecurity

OE Nano Inc., a multi-surface protection, disinfectant, and water remediation product developer and distributor, has conducted research over the last year into the verification of a practical application program, focusing on improving biosecurity and infection control in the hog industry. The products and protocols that were selected and developed will also benefit many other types of protein producers at all stages of production, transportation and processing. These protocols are also adaptable to the prevention or handling of human diseases during disasters or epidemics. Even if the system is not involved with prevention measures it can be employed to remediate a farm animal or human disease outbreak with the assistance of qualified installers and

An integral component of this new bio security program is the application of our state-of-the-art NANO-TECHNOLOGY COATINGS to hard surfaces to make them hydrophobic as well as reduce the adhesion of grease and oil. A nano-coated surface is much easier to clean, requiring far less labour and water than an uncoated surface does to clean. A nano-coating on a surface acts as a protective layer that inhibits the growth of microorganisms by making the surface unattractive for bio material adhesion.

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2017-09-21 OE Nano Corporate Update_v3